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seatbelt 550
Lead vocal: Leeny

Climbing in the back seat
Safety first, before you turn the key
Listen for the click
Make it nice and tight
When everybody’s buckled up
We’ll drive, drive, drive, drive, drive

Put on my seat belt
Put on my seat belt
Put on my seat belt
We’re goin’ for a ride

Driving through our neighborhood
Singing songs, strapped in and feeling good
Waving to our friends
Passing by the school
Check it Mr. Traffic Cop
I’m cool, cool, cool, cool, cool


Buckle up, buckle up
Every single time
Buckle up, buckle up
Or the driver will get fined
Buckle up, buckle up
That’s what my seat belt’s for
Buckle up, buckle up
It’s safe and it’s the law

Making lefts and making rights
Counting trucks and following the signs
A red light means stop
A yellow light means slow
Everybody knows a green means
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go

Put on my seat belt we’re goin’ for a ride!
seat belt bottom

We're coloring with crayons, we both want the blue
I have a sky, I have an ocean
What do we do
You do your blue sky, I'll make a yellow sun
We can share the crayons and together get it done, yeah

Taking turns, taking turns
Taking turns, taking turns

When we're at the playground and going on the slide
I don't mind if you go first
You go first next time
Meet you at the bottom and give you a high five
Cheering for each other and having a good time, yeah


Gimme gimme, mine mine – that’s not right
Gimme gimme, mine mine – please don’t fight
Gimme gimme, mine mine – be nice
Let’s be nice, yeah


Gimme gimme, mine mine – those are bad words
Gimme gimme, mine mine – wait your turn
Gimme gimme, mine mine – everybody learns
It’s fun to take turns, yeah

blue crayon
red crayon
Lead vocal: Tamara

I, I used to be shy
I’d run and hide
When someone would just say “hi”
I, I don’t know why
Sometimes I’d cry
I was so scared inside
And I, I never looked up, just at my toes
Trembled and whispered when I spoke
Played all alone so no one would notice me
I used to be shy

I wanted to jump
I wanted to shout
I wanted to let what’s inside out
But I would freeze
From my head to my knees
Too afraid to join the crowd
I thought everyone would laugh and tease
If I didn’t do something perfectly
I didn’t realize I could just be me

Now when I feel shy I take it slow
Start with a smile and say hello
Make a new friend
And do things we like to do
I used to be shy

It may be hard to believe
That things can change
With every brave little step you take
Today will be easier than yesterday
I, I used to be shy
And it’s all right
Everybody gets scared sometimes

When I’m swimming in the pool, I gotta hold it
When I’m sitting in class at school, I gotta hold it
Hold it, hold it
My face is turning blue
I’m gonna burst like a balloon
I gotta hold it

When I’m riding in the car, I gotta hold it
I should’ve gone before, I gotta hold it
Hold it, hold it
I’m trying not to sneeze
Laugh or even breathe
I gotta hold it

When we’re at the mall and in the bathroom line
I have to wait my turn, it takes a long, long time
I wish I were a bird
Cause then I could just go
Anywhere I want to
And nobody would ever have to know
Astronauts are cool
They go in their suits
Maybe that's because
There arenít any bathrooms on the moon

When Iím sleeping in my bed
I gotta hold it
When Iím standing on my head
I gotta hold it
Hold it, hold it
Iíll squeeze my knees together tight
Everything will be all right
Donít wanna have an accident
So Iíll try my very best
Itíll all be over soon
And Iíll sing a happy tune
I gotta hold it

Oh man, thereís no paper!
ladybug red lyrics
Lead vocal: Leeny

Ladybug, ladybug, ladybu-u-ug
Ladybug, ladybug, ladybu-u-ug

Let’s go find a ladybug
They live in gardens, weeds, and shrubs
There are 5000 species worldwide
The number of spots identifies the kind
Ladybugs are beetles with six legs
Ladybugs can be yellow, orange, pink, brown, black,
white, blue or red

Ladybug, ladybug, ladybu-u-ug
Ladybugs have two sets of wings
Antennae help them smell, touch, and taste things
Ladybugs chew from side to side
If it’s cold or dark, they might not fly
Ladybugs roll over and play dead
Ladybugs release a chemical that tastes terrible in self-defense

Ladybugs have important jobs
Eating aphids that destroy our crops
We need lots of different kinds
But some species are now hard to find
Ladybugs, they need us to conserve
Ladybugs, we will protect your habitats and take care of the Earth

Ladybug, ladybug, ladybu-u-ug
Ladybug, ladybug, ladybu-u-ug
Ladybug, ladybug, ladybug-u-u-ug

ladybug pink 122

ladybug brown
ladybug yellow
ladybug blue
Lead vocal: Tamara

Goats have kids
Cows have calves
Joeys come from kangaroos
Deer have fawns
Bears have cubs
Humans have infants, apes do too

Their parents help them learn
The things they need in life to make sense of the world

You’ll always be my baby
I’m always here for you
You’re growing up, my baby
But don’t grow up too soon

Sharks have pups
Ducks have ducklings
Cats and mice both have kittens
Frogs have tadpoles
Rabbits have bunnies
Penguins have chicks, so do chickens

They swim or hop or fly
Depend on mom and dad to start them off right


Someday you'll graduate from school
Learn to drive a car
Who knows how far you'll go
Someday you'll marry and have kids
And be proud of them too
Like I'm proud of you

Don’t grow up too soon

Lead vocal: Leeny

Your E-P-I-D-E-R-M-I-S is showing
Your E-P-I-D-E-R-M-I-S is showing
Your E-P-I-D-E-R-M-I-S, E-P-I-D-E-R-M-I-S
Your epidermis is showing

It’s all over you, it’s all over me
It’s all over everybody that we see
Keeps the outside out and your insides in
Each of us has three layers of skin
Epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous fat
The largest organ that we have


It knows when you’re hot, it knows when you’re cold
It gets a little wrinkly when you get old
Got tiny pores where the sweat comes through
It stretches and it freckles and it’s waterproof
We shed dead skin cells every day
But replace them right away


Epidermis we slough ya
Every two weeks
We’ll take good care of ya
Gonna keep you clean and use sunscreen
The dermis has a lot of nerves
It can tell when you’ve been hurt
Senses touch and temperature
Giving you goose bumps


Knowing, glowing, growing
Your epidermis is showing

epidermis lyrics
Lead vocal: Leeny

Sometimes my little sister really gets on my nerves
She finished my favorite box of cereal and said
“Ha ha, I got here first!”
Sometimes my little sister acts like a pest
She always wants to tag along
But then she bites my friends

My momma said when I was younger I begged her for a sister
But mom, there must have been a mistake at The Sister Store
She’s not the one I wished for

Sometimes my little sister does things I don’t understand
(no, I don’t)
She wrote her name on all my posters
Just to make me mad
(so mad)
Sometimes my little sister is such a tattletale
(a tattletale)
She spies on me and gets me in trouble
Then pretends to care
(as if)

My momma told me when I get older I’ll appreciate my sister
So mom, is there some place maybe we could ship her
Like until I’m 50

Now that we are grown-ups, my sister lives far away
(so far away)
We call each other all the time
But I miss her every day
(so much)
Now my little sister and I are best of friends
She knows me better than I know myself
And I love her like no one else

(Little sister)
My little sister, I really miss her
My little sister…


Some people can run fast
Some are good at math
Some like to paint or draw
Some make others laugh
Some like to sing or dance
And some can hold their breath real long

No one is like anybody else
We all can be ourselves
It’s cool to be different
It’s cool to be you

Some people have no hair
Some wheel around in chairs
Some can’t hear and some can’t see
People dress in different clothes
Speak a language we don’t know
Come from different families

No one’s better than anybody else
So just be yourself
It’s cool to be different
It’s cool to be you

We are all just people who are different
But all of us are sharing the same stars
How we treat people who are different
Makes us the kind of people who we are

It’s cool to be different
There’s no such thing as weird
It’s cool to be different
Difference is nothing we should fear
It’s cool to be unique in how we act and think
Don’t let anybody tell you what you can or cannot do
Cause it’s cool to be different
It’s cool to be you
It’s cool to be different
It’s cool to be you
It’s cool to be you, it’s cool to be you

cool cat

Ascorbic acid is the chemical name
For this powerful vitamin
It strengthens our immune system, protects our cells
It’s an antioxidant
It helps fight colds
Develops healthy teeth and bones

Collagen could not exist without this vitamin
That keeps our bodies growing strong
It’s water-soluble that means it can’t be stored
It doesn’t stay inside us very long
Every day
It needs to be replaced

Vi-i-i-i-i-i…Vitamin C
Vitamin C
Vi-i-i-i…Vitamin C

Many animals produce it on their own
But primates have lost this ability
We need to find it in the foods that we eat
A deficiency could lead to scurvy
It heals our cuts
And travels through our blood


In foods like red peppers and broccoli
Cantaloupe, strawberries, kiwi, and leafy greens
Especially in citrus fruits like oranges and lemons
Grapefruits and limes


orange dog
Lead vocal: Leeny

There’s a beach where the sand sings under your feet
It speaks a squeaky melody
I think it’s saying, “Won’t you play on me”
At this beach, you walk to your own beat
You can gallop, skip or hop
But when you don’t move the music stops

At Singing Beach
At Singing Beach… Singing Beach
At Singing Beach

We’re having fun, I’ve got my sun protection on
Building castles and playing catch
Writing words and numbers in the sand
The water’s cold, there’s a tingling in my toes
I found cool rocks to take home
Another perfect summer day is gone


Why does the sand sing?
The grains are a certain size
They contain silica, a mineral, inside
And the humidity’s just right, so right

A squeaky melody – At Singing Beach
You walk to your own beat – At Singing Beach
The sand sings under your feet – At Singing Beach
At Singing Beach

cat and crabs
Lead vocal: Leeny

When I was born, I came out wrong
I guess I must have been hanging on
My feet came out first before my head
“It’s an L-R-I-G,” the doctor said

I came out backwards, backwards
My life’s been backwards from the start
I came out backwards, backwards
In E-S-R-E-V-E-R

My alphabet starts with the letter Z
When I count down it’s 1-2-3
I eat dessert before my meal
I leave the banana and eat the peel


I read my books from end to front
I finished last every race I’ve won
When the sun goes down, I start the day
When the sun comes up, I hit the hay


My life’s been backwards from the start
You say, “hello”
I say, “au revoir”

backwards mirror
Lead vocal: Tamara

Dinah was a dinosaur playing kickball with her friends
But when the game had ended her team lost
Everyone was having fun, said, “good game” and gave high fives
“We’ll get you the next time we play again.”
But Dinah whined, “No fair.”

Cause she’s a Dinah Sore Loser, Dinah Sore Loser
No one wants to play with a Dinah Sore Loser

Everyone said, “Dinah what’s wrong? Come on, it’s just a game.”
“You’re acting like a baby, cut it out.”
Dinah said, “If I don’t get to win then no one plays.”
She stomped off in a rage and took the ball
Why can’t Dinah see…

That she’s a Dinah Sore Loser, Dinah Sore Loser
It’s no fun to hang around a Dinah Sore Loser

Be a good sport lose or win
And you’ll have lots of friends

Don’t be a Dinah Sore Loser, Dinah Sore Loser
No one wants to play with a Dinah Sore Loser
Dinah Sore Loser
It’s no fun to hang around a Dinah Sore Loser


I wanna go, I wanna go, I wanna go, I wanna go
I wanna go from state to state
I wanna go, I wanna go, I wanna go, I wanna go
I wanna go across the USA

Alabama is the Heart of Dixie
Alaska is the biggest state that we’ve got
Let’s ride a mule in Arizona’s Grand Canyon
In Arkansas visit Little Rock
California’s got Hollywood
And the Redwoods, the world’s tallest trees
I’ll race you to the top of the Colorado Rockies
In Connecticut check out cool submarines


Delaware was the first state
Rocket to space at Cape Canaveral in Florida
Let’s share a Georgia peach, then fly to Hawaii
Surf the waves and do a hula
Idaho’s got those famous potatoes
The Land of Lincoln is Illinois
Indiana means “Land of Indians”
The capital of Iowa is Des Moines


Kansas is the Sunflower State
Let’s go spelunking in Kentucky
Listen to jazz in Louisiana
In Maine have a blueberry feast
We can sail on Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay
In Massachusetts see the Red Sox at Fenway
Swim in the Great Lakes of Michigan
Minnesota, Land of 10,000 Lakes


Mississippi, birthplace of Elvis Presley
The Gateway Arch is in Missouri
Montana, we’ll count stars in the Big Sky
We’re husking corn in Nebraska
Head to Nevada visit Hoover Dam
Live Free or Die in New Hampshire
New Jersey, home to Thomas Edison’s lab


New Mexico, Land of Enchantment
I love New York from Niagara Falls to Broadway
North Carolina, Great Smoky Mountains
North Dakota, Peace Garden State
Ohio, birthplace of aviation
Oklahoma’s state flower is mistletoe
The water’s crystal-blue in Oregon’s Crater Lake
The deepest lake our country knows


The Constitution and Declaration of Independence
Were both written in Pennsylvania
The smallest state is Rhode Island
Columbia’s the capital of South Carolina
In South Dakota, we’ll see Mount Rushmore
Tennessee is The Volunteer State
Remember the Alamo in the Lone Star State of Texas
Float around in Utah’s Great Salt Lake


Let’s tap a maple tree for syrup in Vermont
The state flower of Virginia is the dogwood
Climb every step of the Space Needle in Washington
West Virginia is the Mountain State
We’ll milk some cows in Wisconsin
In Wyoming, we can camp at Yellowstone
The United States of America
50 in all, now you know

Across the USA!
ladybug down left ladybug down right
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